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FOOD FOR FURRY FELLAS - Tree Farm & Habitat Enhancement Project


  • To provide a long term reliable solution to the need to obtain ongoing fresh Eucalyptus leaf supplies for koalas to forage when they are admitted to our Facility for treatment.
  • To increase available habitat for the wild koala population.


To liaise with landowners/departments from within a specified radius of Taree, with the view to negotiating an agreement allowing KOALAS IN CARE INC to plant specific Eucalyptus Food Tree Species. When these are matured sufficiently, utilise them for leaf harvesting requirements and also be a source of food for koalas living in the area.

For the past 30 years leaf harvesting has been performed at numerous locations in the Taree and Wingham localities. This has been performed on a rotational basis thus allowing for regrowth to occur, but has been dictated by periodic slashing at some sites, clear felling at others and inclement weather preventing access. Given these and other factors, the number of available sites has been reduced significantly with more sites predicted to be lost in the near future. There has been a significant loss of available habitat since early settlement commenced. The current status of vegetation is commonly made up of isolated pockets that are often under utilised by many wildlife species.


  • A number of areas of land (approximately 1 hectare) that will be made available for the purpose of planting a selection of Koala Food Tree Species which can be harvested selectively when approximately 7-8 years of age depending on growth patterns.
  • Landowners agreeing to provide smaller portions of their properties to be planted to enhance existing adjoining habitat.


  • Minimum 1 hectare site - preferably combination wet/dry profiles.
  • Access all weather conditions.
  • Ability to construct exclusion fencing if necessary.
  • Only endemic species to be made available - depends on site specific conditions.
  • Minimum 100m from main road/rail - 500m from pollution source.
  • Tube-stock grown from KIC seed bank only.
  • Away from services or easements.


Preference will be given to sites within the localities of Tinonee, Mondrook, Bootawa & Hillville. Due to the need to transport harvested leaf supplies to our facility in all weather conditions any site proposed for consideration must be within the above zone.

NB: Any site proposed must be above flood reach and not be affected by acid sulphate soil issues.

If you have land available and would like to become involved with our project please contact us by email for more details.

If you have land available and would like to become involved with our project please contact us for more information

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