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KIC was established in 2005 to service the Manning, Great Lakes & Gloucester area. KIC is a non-profit, registered charity and is licensed to operate by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (NPWS). KIC is independently operated & is based in Taree, New South Wales (Mid North Coast) Australia.

Christeen & Paul McLeod are the co-founders of KIC & they have been working with koalas in the area since 1993. Prior to 1993 Christeen & Paul had been involved with wildlife for many years & have always been animal lovers. Since its establishment, KIC has grown & they have expanded their facility to enable them to care for the ever increasing number of koalas requiring treatment & care each year.

KIC's operational area covers approximately 843 000 hectares which contains a wide spectrum of climates, soil types, vegetation communities, fragmented habitat and ‘people problems’ which affect the koalas living within the area.

KIC has a small group of dedicated volunteers who give their time to assist Christeen & Paul with the workload associated with koala care & the running of their organisation. The help of their volunteers was crucial during the Black Summer Fires 2019 that devastated koala habitat in our area. KIC admitted over 65 koalas into care & their small team worked non-stop to rescue, treat & care for the koalas who were affected by fire. KIC is very fortunate to have such a dedicated team.

24 hour Koala rescue service

In the manning, great lakes & Gloucester area

0439 406 770

Facts About KIC

KIC is 'centre-based' so all koala patients are cared for on-site at the Taree Facility. Koalas are triaged on admission so that treatment can be started immediately. This is especially important for those koalas coming into care during the night from car hits, dog attacks or affected by disease.

KIC operates a 24hr Koala Rescue Service for sick/injured/orphaned koalas and cares for unfurred koala joeys through to aged koalas. All koalas admitted are treated by the vets at Taree Veterinary Hospital and after their initial examination koalas are seen regularly by the vet while they remain in care.

Dr Donald Hood, Taree Veterinary Hospital, is a patron of KOALAS IN CARE INC.

Nancy Dixon, Bowen Therapist, is one of our valued volunteers & has been providing her services to our koala patients for many years to aid in their recovery.

How We Operate

Our Facility operates two shifts per day, 7 days per week – the morning shift takes care of the cleaning of koala units, koalas are supplementary fed, given their medication, before they are settled back in their units for the day. The afternoon shift prepares the incoming fresh leaf for each individual koala and treats those koalas requiring medication in the afternoon. Our Facility has around-the-clock care for all our koalas but especially for those koalas that are critically ill or injured, koalas that are admitted at night and for the koala joeys that are being reared. Paul & Christeen live on-site which makes this possible.

Fresh leaf supplies are collected four times per week in all weather conditions (more often in the hot summer months). At least 3-5 Eucalyptus species are collected each time and special attention is given to those koalas with a particular need for a species that is not usually collected. Harvesting of leaf for our Facility is rotated so as not to diminish any one area. We have several leaf collecting areas to allow different areas to be rested. Good quality leaf is a must for sick koalas. Particular care is taken to feed each koala only those Eucalypt species that grow within its home-range or in the close vicinity. These species vary greatly throughout our operational area.

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