Koalas In
Care Inc.

Who Are Koalas In Care Inc?

KOALAS IN CARE INC - We are a group of like-minded volunteers who have a love for koalas. Our highest priority is to render assistance to any koala in need ie rescue, treatment, veterinary care, safe environment, & community education. KIC admits and/or deals with approximately 100+ koalas per annum. All koalas brought in are cared for at our purpose-built Koala Facility based in Taree on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. KIC has NO paid employees.

Our Facility has undergone a number of upgrades over the past couple of years in an effort to increase the holding capacity, improve conditions for our patients, rebuilding of koala units & improving conditions for our volunteers. Work is ongoing as time permits as we still have a lot to achieve.

KIC is run by a Management Team made up of volunteers who are actively involved in the daily activities of our organisation.

KOALAS IN CARE INC - Aims & Objectives:

  • To rescue/care/administer appropriate medical treatment to injured/diseased wild koalas admitted into the Association’s care.
  • To release rehabilitated koalas back to their home range/territory as soon as practical.
  • To endeavour to enhance available koala habitat through planting of endemic koala food tree species whenever appropriate.
  • To conduct the Association’s activities in a professional manner within the Guidelines of the Licence as issued by the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (NPWS).
  • To record & maintain information relating to koala care, treatments, habitat, etc.
  • To provide educational information by verbal or written means to increase public understanding of koala issues.
  • To encourage the general public/environmental groups to plant endemic koala food trees & advise on appropriate species.
  • To work with local Councils, Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (NPWS), Government & private Landowners to protect the wild koala population and its habitat.

Our Story

Paul & Christeen McLeod, co-founders of KIC, have been involved in wildlife care for over 30 years, with 28 of those years dedicated to specialising in koalas. Paul & Christeen have lived all their lives in the local area & provide the communities of the Manning, Great Lakes & Gloucester areas (Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia) with a 24hr Koala Rescue Service 365 days per year. Their extensive local knowledge of the area & koalas is definitely an asset in the running of KIC.

Paul & Christeen are both highly experienced koala rescuers and have a great love of the Australian bush & wildlife, with a passion for koalas. They believe the single most important element in the survival of our koalas is protection of their habitat. They've witnessed the devastation of the recent drought years, the catastrophic fires of Black Summer 2019 which absolutely wiped out a large percentage of koala habitat & the effects that it has had on the health of the koala population.

KIC operates two koala rescue vehicles fully equipped to undertake most rescues and a purpose-built Koala Facility on their property which has undergone an extensive upgrade over the past 2 years. This upgrade was made possible by a bequest from the late Mr Harvey Slater. There are further improvements planned for the near future.

The upgrade has increased the holding capacity at the Facility in critical care, intensive care, koala nursery, joey pens, general pens & fully enclosed yard & soft-release areas. KIC admits approximately 100+ koalas per annum. Amenities for their volunteers have been upgraded as well.

Christeen manages their Koala Facility 7 days per week & is full-time hands-on care. She cares for the full spectrum of koalas from pinkies through to the old-age pensioners. She has lost count of the joeys she has reared, & the koala patients they have cared for. She feels it is a great privilege to work with koalas & while not all her patients survive, she takes solace in knowing she gave them all 100% chance to survive. Christeen is assisted daily by the volunteers who do a variety of tasks at their facility.

Paul works full-time in paid employment outside of KIC and at the end of his working day, he collects the leaf for the koalas so that within a few hours the koalas are enjoying fresh leaf for their evening meal as they would in the wild. He is heavily involved in koala habitat & associated issues arising in our local area. He initiated the FOOD FOR FURRY FELLAS tree planting project which has seen KIC partner with Midcoast Council & landowners to plant hundreds of Primary Koala Food Trees in high usage koala areas around Tinonee. Paul collects eucalyptus seeds & Parkland Wholesale Nursery (Tinonee) propagate the tube-stock for planting back into the area.

KIC is not open to the general public.

The KIC Team are all volunteers (KIC has no paid employees) & totals no more than 25 volunteers. The team consists of the FACILITY TEAM, a rostered team of ladies who have undergone training for cleaning koala units, assisting with associated jobs, & assisting Christeen with treatments that may be required for the koala patients. The other part of KIC is the TRAILER/MAINTENANCE TEAM, a team of men who assist Paul with disposing of the used leaf to the waste depot, assisting with maintenance & building at the Facility, & any other jobs as required. Volunteers at KIC are highly regarded & valued.

Dr Donald Hood, Taree Veterinary Hospital, oversees the treatment of the koala patients under the care of KIC & has worked closely with Christeen & Paul for 20 years. Dr Hood is also Patron of KIC.

KIC receives no Government funding & relies on the generosity of the general public for donations & its own fundraising to support their ongoing work. Christeen & Paul sincerely thank those who have supported KIC in many ways & for the generous donations that have been made so they can continue to rescue & care for sick, injured & orphaned koalas for future generations. The general public's response to the catastrophic fires in the summer of 2019 was truly overwhelming.

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