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Koala habitat is the major determining factor in how koalas live their lives and indeed if they are to continue to survive in any particular area. Habitat serves many purposes such as providing shelter from the elements, food supply, a mating place, a safe haven from predators. It is KIC's goal to start purchasing land for koala habitat in the near future for further tree planting & enhancement for the local koalas.

Due to past clearing of vegetated areas for farming, logging and more recently, residential and industrial developments, koala habitat has significantly declined since European arrival. Much of the remaining koala habitat consists of a mosaic pattern of disturbed forest remnants and inadequate corridor linkages. Koalas are constantly struggling to survive in these depleted areas and are at increased risk of predator attack ie dogs, foxes, & livestock or being struck by motor vehicles while migrating through disturbed areas that roads transverse.

There are large variations in habitat across our area Including:

  • Sandy loams of the coastal areas
  • Fertile alluvial floodplains and riparian areas
  • Rich volcanic of the upper escarpments and plateaux
  • Low fertile clay/shale ridges
  • Sub alpine areas of the Barrington Tops

Over 30 Eucalypt species are known to exist within our area, some quite common, whilst others are only in limited locations and some at their geographical limit. Koalas are also known to forage on non-Eucalypt species such as Melaleucas and Angophoras.

It is essential that when any project is being planned to increase koala food trees in an area that only tube-stock grown from locally collected seeds from known koala food trees are used. Unfortunately, some plant nurseries supply non-endemic species that our local koalas will not eat and these species have only weed value. It is also important to plant a variety of species to provide koalas with a varied diet.

Locally known Primary and Secondary Browse Species


At Northern extremity of distribution
Threatened Species Listed
At Southern extremity of distribution
Very limited distribution

Where trees should be planted?

  • Especially near existing koala habitat
  • Near water courses ie creeks, rivers, dams, etc
  • Between isolated remnants of habitat to provide connection
  • Adjacent to existing vegetation clumps
  • Close to fence lines
  • In quiet parks and reserves

Where not to plant trees!

  • Beside busy main roads
  • Close to your house
  • Fenced in with a swimming pool or dog yard
  • Close to or under power/communication lines and pipes


Seed is collected from the local area, propagated & when ready tube-stock is planted back into the area.

In order to achieve good results we are careful to plant species only where they are already in existence ie wetter species close to watercourses, drier species on ridge positions. Our plantings are targeted in areas where koalas are already present with the extra trees providing more available food source & shelter.

Contact us for more information on available tube-stock & advice on where to plant.

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